Grandma’s Rules for Drinking – by Anne Louise Genest

Don’t drink mixed drinks but if you do
Don’t let strange men mix drinks for you
When playing cards and with conversation
It’s best if you drink less
When you dance the whole night through
That’s when you can have
Maybe more than two
Choose what you drink carefully
Gin will ruin your complexion

These are Grandma’s rules
Grandma’s rules for drinking
Grandma was no fool
Grandma’s girls had rules
These are grandma’s rules for drinking

Three daughters at home
And a husband gone
Off in the bush on a survey job
Young mam’zelles in a post-war town
Trouble is never far
But grandma had a sensible view
Unlike the nuns at the convent school
You can know your Hail Mary’s off by heart
And still be without a prayer

Now these are rules from different times
But it’s fair to say they still apply
A modern girl can surely use
Good words from a wise old bird:
Don’t drink mixed drinks
Don’t let strange men
With conversation and cards - best to drink less
When you dance you can have a few more
Gin will ruin your complexion