There is another life out there besides Wall Street and Starbucks. That's the world Annie Lou has opened for you here. Don't be foolish and ignore it. It will enrich you.”

John Apice, No Depression Magazine

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With humour, grace, and warmth, Annie Lou takes the stage with banjo and guitar, inviting you into a world of original music rooted in melodic traditions. 


With a palette of old folk, oldtime, and country and bluegrass music Annie Lou paints a vibrant landscape, delivered with a vocal warmth evocative of the sweet tones of Kate and Anna McGarrigle blended with the raw emotion of Hazel Dickens. We laugh, cry, dance, reflect and connect with ballads, tunes, and songs inspired by our lives and times and ups and downs.


Although Annie Lou draws deep from the well of tradition, this is new music, relevant to a modern audience, that finds its inspiration in a time when there was little separation between performer and audience - where everyone played something, or danced to it - and where music was deeply connected to the everyday lives of the people who played it.  


End Zone, Annie Lou's latest release, is a gorgeous collection of new songs., most written during the last months of her mother's life,. The title track is a deeply moving exploration of that time when the end is near, but not quite. This is not a sad record - if anything it is celebratory and full of moments in which listeners can recognize themselves.

Produced by Andrew Collins, the album features a guest cast of Canadian acoustic innovators, including Collins on mandolin and guitar, Max Heineman on upright bass and vocals, Sarah Hamilton on fiddle and vocals, John Showman and Trent Freeman on fiddle, Frank Evans on banjo, Burke Carroll on pedal steel, and Ivan Rosenberg on dobro.

Real, raw, and deeply honest, End Zone is a magical addition to the Annie Lou catalogue.

Homespun, deep-rooted music, rich with melody and wry wisdom, and a vibrant celebration of North Americana music that moves the heart as well as the feet.

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